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The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3978

Chapter 3978 Death Of Primo

Geraint and the others were instantly bewildered. Even though the ordinary-looking face didn’t look familiar, they could recognize the voice. More importantly, the woman had admitted that she was Gloria.

The three of them, utterly confused, couldn’t figure out why Gloria would disguise herself as the robber to massacre the council members of Void Sect. “Gloria… Why are you doing this?” Primo questioned in a hoarse voice, his mind brimming with questions.

Gloria let out a sigh and explained in resignation, “That’s because this is the only way I can think of to use your deaths to deal with the robber.”

“Using our deaths to deal with the robber?” Geraint and his companions dwelled upon her answer, and the meaning behind her words quickly came to them.

“Are you planning to annihilate Void Sect to trick the sect leader and the powers behind him to annihilate the robber?” Geraint spoke with a trembling voice as he stared intently at Gloria.

Gloria replied with a smile, “I expected no less from the vice sect leader to be able to see through my plan in such a short time. As your reward, I’ll give you a quick death.”

Geraint and the others were dumbfounded. If Gloria was speaking the truth, certain death was what awaited them.

“Gloria, as a married couple, why must it end this way between us? As long as you spare my life, I’m willing to go along with your plan. We’ll definitely be able to convince the sect leader to make a move. I’m sure you know that the sect leader holds me in high regard and will usually heed my advice. Keeping me alive has untold advantages,” Primo begged.

Gloria let out a snort and retorted, “Married couple? I’m amazed that you’re not ashamed to even say it. If it wasn’t because I was in a hurry to establish a foothold in Void Sect, there’s no way I would have given myself to you. I can’t believe Void Sect is so weak that it isn’t even worthy of being a stepping stone of mine. Now that I’m way stronger than you are, you’re not qualified to be my ally. But you were right about one thing. It’s precisely because the sect leader holds you in high regard that he will be outraged by your death.”

“You… I…”

Primo couldn’t think of anything to counter her with. He had never expected the greatest advantage he had enjoyed within the sect was now the main reason for him to be killed.

Gloria sneered, “Say goodbye to the world, Primo! As your wife, I’m going to give you a quick death. What do you think about that?”

Just as Primo attempted to say something, all he saw was a blinding flash of light before eternal darkness covered his eyes.

He was decapitated, and his body slumped lifelessly onto the ground.

As his head rolled up to Gloria’s feet, his wide-opened eyes were filled with hatred and fear.

Leaning downward slowly, Gloria reached out with her left hand to his eyes. “Rest in peace, Darling!”

Geraint and Santino were horrified by what they had just witnessed.

Given that Gloria was ruthless enough to kill the man who shared her bed, they couldn’t see any hope of survival.

“Gloria—no, no, no. Lord Gloria, our relationship is a lot more ordinary. Don’t forget that we were allies back in the mundane world. I’m willing to be a humble servant as long as you spare my—”

Before the word “life” rolled off his tongue, he was slayed by Gloria’s sword.

“What a joke. Even without your help back then, I would still have overcome the obstacles. Besides, even with your help, we were almost killed by Levi still. You’re nothing but a piece of trash. Lord Earkenhait, it’s your turn to die now.”

Gloria walked up to Geraint, her sword exuding a cold aura underneath the dim moonlight.

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The Protector (God of War: Pinnacle)

The Protector (God of War: Pinnacle)

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Status: Completed Type: Native Language: English

The Protector (God of War: Pinnacle)

Six years ago, he was the best of the best but was framed, incapacitated, and imprisoned. His wife suffered because of him. Six years later, he is now the God of War with immense wealth and power. Standing at the pinnacle of martial arts, he holds her hand in his and rules the world.    

Chapter 1 The Return Of The God of War

In Erudia, a private jet landed at North Hampton Airport, where all international flights experienced an eight-hour delay because of it. At the private passageway were five men in suits and leather shoes, standing as straight as a javelin. Every now and then, they would raise their wrist to look at the time, for a big shot was coming to town. The upper-class society of North Hampton had learned about his arrival, but no one had the capability to get an inch closer to the private passageway. Even the richest man in North Hampton who came to pay homage was chased away. Finally, there were movements coming from the passageway. “God of War!!!” the mass cried out, their eyes filled with awe and veneration at the sight of the undefeatable legend of Erudia. He, who was dubbed the God of War, was the one and only Five-Star God of War in the history of Erudia. Once, he'd inflicted a crushing defeat on the strongest battalions in eighteen countries. He was an overbearing and formidable man. He who overwhelmed the world with his unparalleled power had even created the Five Great Wars Regiment, Cavalry Regiment, and many more. ... Setting foot on his homeland, Levi Garrison was overcome with emotions. Once upon a time, he used to be an orphan who was abandoned on the streets of North Hampton and then adopted by the Garrison family. However, the Garrison family had never been fond of him. His adoptive parents, who had a tendency to beat and scold him, treated him like an outsider. As for the outsiders, they treated him as a nobody. But he didn't care a stiver. He had always been proud of his surname since he was a child, and he strived to bring glory to this family when he grew older. At last, Levi had established Levi Group, the largest dark horse in North Hampton's business community. With billions of assets, it ranked among the forefront of North Hampton, pushing the declining Garrison family to the top. However, not only did the Garrison family showed no signs of appreciation, they even harbored dissatisfaction towards him. Jealous of his success, they regarded him as a thorn in their flesh and coveted Levi Group. No matter his wealth and power, unless they were in control, he was just an outsider in the Garrison family's eyes. Eventually, on Levi's wedding night, the Garrison family plotted a frame-up against him by getting him drunk before tossing him onto his sister-in-law's bed. They wanted to create the illusion that he was doing something untoward to her and was caught in bed by his brother and adoptive parents. That night, the Garrison family had brutally broken his limbs and left him on the road like a wild dog. Not only was he handicapped, but he also had to take the flak for something he didn't commit. From an upstart in the business world, he had become the target of disdain overnight. And the next day, he had been punished for several crimes and sentenced to six years in prison. He could never forget the ruthless and sinister faces of everyone in the Garrison family and the ridicule of his friends, classmates, and business partners. More so, he could never forget the disappointment on his newly wedded wife, Zoey's face. He had regarded the Garrison family as his home and devoted himself to the family. Yet, they treated him like trash. It felt as if a knife was being twisted in his heart every time he thought about this. How he hated the Garrison family! But who would have thought that Levi had been secretly transferred away from prison to join the military? In a few years, he dominated the military world and became the one and only Five-Star God of War. Now that he came back, the Garrison family ought to stay on their toes. “How's it going, Azure Dragon?” Levi asked. Azure Dragon, the commander of the Five Great Wars Regiment, took a step forward and said respectfully, “Sir, I'm afraid your wife, Ms. Zoey Lopez will remarry at ten o'clock tonight!” Ever since Zoey's husband was sent to prison on their wedding night, she had been living like a widow. Only God knew how much pressure she was put under. And right now, the person Levi couldn't wait to see the most was Zoey. After a moment of hesitation, Azure Dragon continued, “To add on, Sir, the Garrison family is holding a successful listing celebration banquet at the Crystal Palace Hotel tonight! Many people had invited the God of War just now, including the Garrison family, but I didn't accept nor refuse directly.” “What time?” Levi asked tersely. “Eight o'clock, Sir.” “Okay. Tell the Garrison family I will attend the banquet!” Since the time for the two events didn't clash, Levi gladly accepted the invitation. The celebration banquet for the public listing of Garrison Group was held at North Hampton's Crystal Palace Hotel. With the help of Levi Group, they had become a rich and powerful family in one fell swoop. The hall was bustling with noise and excitement, and sounds of glasses clinking could be heard ringing in the air every now and then. “God bless the Garrison family,” said Joseph, the head of the Garrison family. “The younger generations are the stars among men. Garrison Group is now listed and has become an upstart in North Hampton!” Joseph's three sons and daughter welcomed their guests with bright smiles on their faces. The younger generation of the Garrison family was all the smugger and prouder because, after today, the Garrison family would become a powerful family, and they would become one of the top rich kids. Most of the guests who attended today's banquet were from the top circle in North Hampton. “Garrison, do you know what happened today?! Your celebration party is nothing compared to that.” They were gossiping about the major event that had happened today. “Yeah! I heard that a big shot has arrived in North Hampton!” “The richest man in North Hampton wanted to meet him but was shooed away. Apparently, he's not qualified enough!” “So? Jesse Nielsen had been waiting for five hours in advance at the airport!” Joseph nodded. “Yes, I know about that too. I even sent someone to invite this big shot to the celebration party!” “No way! Why would this big shot attend such a party?” No one believed it. In fact, as an upstart, Joseph was just trying his luck. “Dad!” shouted Jaycob, the second eldest son of the Garrison family could be seen running over. “The big shot has accepted our invitation to attend our celebration banquet! He's on the way!” “Jesus! God has indeed blessed the Garrison family!” Everyone in the Garrison family could barely conceal their delight as this was their chance to reach the sky in a single bound. The grandchildren of the Garrison family gathered together, sunshine flooding their souls. Levi's brother, Bryan, and sister-in-law, Victoria, smiled. “Well, it all starts with Levi's imprisonment that the Garrison family is at where we are today...” “Right, speaking about Levi, do you guys know today's the day that kid gets out of prison?!” somebody asked abruptly. “Really? Isn't that bad luck? Why did he have to be released on such a big day?!” “Please, please, please don't come back! He's the Garrison family's biggest disgrace!” Victoria's lips tugged into a sneer. “Speaking of which, Levi is the crowning glory of the Garrison family's status today.” “That's what he's supposed to do!” Bryan said. “He should contribute to the Garrison family for raising him, an orphan! His multi-billion Levi Group means nothing. To put it bluntly, he's just a dog raised by the Garrison family!” Someone gave a chortle. “As a matter of fact, I've been interested in Levi's wife for a long time now. She's still widowed, and I'm so going to marry her!” The man's remark caused gales of laughter. “Everyone, stop what you're doing. I have an important announcement to make,” Joseph said and went on to announce that the big shot was coming. A thunderous applause was heard. But when the applause had died down, there was still someone clapping. The sound was loud and clear, approaching from afar. On the red carpet, a man came clapping, looking bold and energetic. His stride gave off a majestic and imposing aura, which made the mass hold their breaths. “It's Levi!” Bryan and Victoria exclaimed. Suddenly, all eyes were riveted on him. “I forgot this little brat got out of jail today!” Levi's adoptive parents spoke in unison. Ignoring the astonished gazes darted at his way, Levi walked step by step towards Joseph. “A little bird told me that the company is now listed. How are you feeling, Joseph? Are you happy?” Levi flashed him a meaningful smile. “How dare you show up here, you insolent brat! And what did you just call me?” Joseph's fury sprang to life. “Who let him in? Didn't you know he just got out of prison? How inauspicious!” Bryan rose to his feet. “What the hell are you doing here, Levi?” Levi sized him up. “Why can't I be here?” “Well, for starters, you're an orphan! The Garrison family has raised you, but you were ambitious and ungrateful. You had inordinate ambitions for your sister-in-law, and you wanted to take possession of the Garrison family! You'd even tried to kill your parents when things go south! Have you no conscience? Do you have any sense of morality left in your heart?” “You've lost your reputation in North Hampton, and everyone knows that. Have you no shame to have the brass neck to come round here?”


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