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You Owe Me, My Love
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You Owe Me, My Love

Read full chapter You Owe Me, My Love, Light Novel You Owe Me, My Love english, LN You Owe Me, My Love, You Owe Me, My Love Online, read You Owe Me, My Love at NovelHeart.com.
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Synopsis You Owe Me, My Love

She bumped into a mysterious man while she was on the run. He turned out to be the incredibly wealthy, powerful, and ruthless man who tended to avoid getting into relationships with women. He was requested to take responsibility, but she was the one who regretted it in the end. Unable to take it anymore, she muttered, “I take back what I said. You are free. I’m done.” He sat beside her bed, pulled her into his embrace, and said gently, “Oh, you must be mistaken. Shouldn’t you be responsible for me?” She could not retort.



Chapter 1 I Am Counting On Your Unhappy Life

Your husband and I are in room 1108 of Shangri-La, doing what we love to do. Bai Rong, why won’t you just get a divorce? Are you that cheap? You couldn’t keep his body nor his heart.

Bai Rong stood in front of room 1108 with an indifferent expression as she looked at the text message on her phone.

Her long eyelashes covered the darkness in her eyes as she showed no emotion.

The sound of the door opening could be heard.

Su Xuyan came out with his arms wrapped around his charming assistant.

He paused as he saw Bai Rong, and then smiled at her, “Did you come to catch me cheating again? Why don’t you come in? It’s so hot outside. Aren’t you tired from standing?”

Bai Rong looked at him indifferently, “I didn’t want to spoil your fun. It would be awful if you couldn’t erect after seeing me. But is your disease cured already?”

Su Xuyan had a dull expression when he heard her curse, “Bai Rong, you were the one who was unclean. Why are you being so sarcastic now?”

Bai Rong laughed, feeling her tears would flow out anytime.

Three years ago, his ex-girlfriend kidnapped her.

While she tried to escape, her virginity was taken by a masked man.

At the same time, she watched as Su Xuyan’s car stopped nearby. He was having sex with a woman in the car, and that woman was the kidnapper.

She felt her heart being stabbed with a knife as she watched the car shake wildly.

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