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The Life of A Billionaire’s Wife
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The Life of A Billionaire’s Wife

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Synopsis The Life of A Billionaire’s Wife

“Save me and I’ll give you 100 million!” When she accidentally rescued the man, she realized that he was the richest man in the city! The richest president had eyes on her and stalked her to marry him. “100 million is for your dowry!” With a raised eyebrow, she rejected the offer. “The money is promised to me as a reward. As for the person, sorry, I’m not interested!” “How about one billion?” The cheeky, yet domineering president even suggested, “Perhaps, I can offer myself as the reward!”


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Chapter 1 Saving the World’s Richest Man by Chance

The story began at a hospital. Veronica Murphy, a young lady of slight build, rushed to the emergency registration counter while carrying a bloodied man on her back with all her strength. She said hurriedly, “This guy needs emergency treatment! He passed out in a car accident.”

Veronica felt that today was really not her day. She was riding her motorcycle on her way to deliver takeouts when a Ferrari nearby got knocked off the road by a large truck running the red light. The Ferrari was severely wrecked, its windows shattered and its trunk on fire. It might explode at any minute, and its driver was covered in blood and unconscious in his seat.

Veronica had no idea what gave her the courage at the time. Without a second thought, she raced to the car and desperately pulled the guy out of it. As soon as she dragged him several meters away, she heard a loud kaboom! The car exploded right away.

Veronica was shaken with fright. If she had been a little bit slower, she would probably have been blown to pieces along with the guy!

Just then, however, the severely injured man grasped her wrist with all his might as if clutching at straws. He mumbled in a daze, “Help me! Send me to the hospital… I’ll pay you 100 million…”

Veronica was stunned. 100 million? Did I just save the world’s richest man by chance?

At the payment counter, the cashier asked, “What’s your name?”

Just as Veronica was about to answer, the cashier looked up and saw her face, and her attitude did a one-eighty immediately. “Oh, if it isn’t Tiffany Larson, our director’s daughter! Please wait a moment, Miss Larson. A doctor will be arranged for you at once…”

Veronica smiled bitterly at the cashier’s words. Tiffany was Veronica’s biological sister. The two sisters looked exactly alike, but their lives were polar opposites of each other.

Abducted as soon as she was born, Veronica changed hands several times before being sold to her current adoptive parents. A month ago, however, her adoptive parents had a car accident and were hospitalized with grave injuries and sky-high medical bills. Just then, Veronica’s biological parents appeared out of nowhere, saying they could provide medical treatment for her adoptive parents on condition that she donate her bone marrow to the Larson Family’s leukemic youngest son. Not only that, but she mustn’t show her face, which was the spitting image of Tiffany.

Rachel Zimmerman, Veronica’s biological mother, said, “Our Tiffy isn’t only accomplished in everything she does; she’s also the most beautiful lady in Bloomstead. You, on the other hand, are just an ignoble country bumpkin. Tiffy’s good name mustn’t be ruined because of your existence.”

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