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Stealing Your Heart
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Stealing Your Heart

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Synopsis Stealing Your Heart

Because of a deal, she was pregnant with the child of a stranger. She then became the wife of a man with whom she had an arranged marriage since they were babies. At first, she thought it was just an agreement that benefitted both parties, but eventually, an unfathomable affection grew between them. While she was 10-months pregnant, he handed her the divorce papers and she finally realized her mistake. Later, he said, “My wife, please come back to me. You are the one I have always loved.”



Chapter 1 I Will Not Regret It

The heat from the man’s body surrounded her slowly from behind as the moisture in his breath came closer to her ear when he whispered, “Is this your first time?”

The unfamiliar atmosphere near her ear sent a chill down her spine, yet she dared not make any sound. Lin Xinyan could feel the man paused for a bit, then came the man’s voice again, “There is still time to say no.”

She nervously clenched her hands, shook her head, and said “I will not regret it…..”

She was 18 years old. This was supposed to be the most wonderful years in her youth but yet…..

It hurts! The excruciating pain made her trembled in the man’s arms.

Keeping the only dignity left for herself, Lin Xinyan bit her lips and stayed quiet the whole time. This was her first sexual experience. She was nervous and fearful of the man. At the same time, she could feel his muscular body with unbelievable strength.

He didn’t seem to tire out and kept conquering her body, fulfilling his lust in this long and miserable night. After he was done, the man got up and entered the bathroom. Lin Xinyan rose from the bed exhausted; she put on her clothes and left the room.

In the hotel lobby, stood the middle-aged women who sealed the deal for her. When she saw Lin Xinyan coming out, she passed her a black plastic bag and whispered, “This is your reward.”

Lin Xinyan took the bag without hesitation and hurried out of the hotel with the money. She rushed to the hospital in the shortest possible time and paid no attention to the pain in her abdomen.

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