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Secretly The Billionaire Boss Chapter 210 by Debbie chocolate

Chapter 210: Schemes 

Grey left the house some minutes after Beatrice and Caramel had left the house.

“I was thinking of getting some guns but Don said you should have some at home,” Richard said as he sped off.

Grey nodded briefly. “I should. I will ask Charles about it.”

He hasn’t even seen him in days and it felt like he had been avoiding him.

Charles picked up immediately. “Hello, Grey. Are you alright?”

“Yes, is there a reason not to be?” Grey inquired, surprised at his question.

“Oh not really but Gregory told me about your girlfriend that was kidnapped by Hattie. I sincerely think it’s time to show yourself to the world,” he revealed.

Grey stared ahead for a moment. “It’s not yet time, Charles. I will let you know when we should be discussing this.” He stated.

Charles let out a sigh. “Alright. So, why did you call?”

“I wanted to ask if I could get some guns at the estate. Did you leave any?”

“Sure, there are guns. You have a store full of it. As the Hercules’ estate, it has always been like that. Are you going there? Should I meet you over there?” He asked excitedly.

“Yes, I’m on my way. But you can meet me there.”

“Alright, see you soon,” he finished and Grey hung up.

He regarded Richard for a moment in silent communication. A thought went through his mind. “What’s your height?”

“6ft, why?”

Grey looked away, thinking and nodding his head briefly. “Have you ever been to a big gathering? Can you withstand the stare?”

“Not really but I’m really bold. There’s nothing I can’t really do.”

Grey nodded again. He didn’t know why he didn’t think to the extent of it all this while. He

was busy looking for answers but it was right in front of him. “Stop the car,” he said suddenly.

Richard looked at him, confused for a moment but he continued to drive. “Is something wrong? Have I done something to upset you? We will soon arrive at the private port,” he explained.

Grey sighed. “Just stop the damn car, Richard,” he stressed, frustrated.

Richard nodded quickly and found a perfect place to park the car. His heart hammered wildly in his chest at what was happening. He thought he had offended Grey in any way.

“Good,” Grey opened the door and got down. He walked towards the boutique by his right.

Richard watched him in shock at what he was doing but he couldn’t ask questions.

Grey returned again but with a bag of clothes. He placed them in the back seat and entered the

car. “Drive,” he ordered and Richard pulled out into the street again. “There’s a party tomorrow and you will be entering the hall as Hercules,” he announced.

Richard’s hands around the steer faltered as he looked at Grey. “What! As Hercules?”

“I thought you said you were brave? This is the best time to prove it to me and you will be greatly awarded,” he revealed.

Richard’s head spun. Grey was giving him a hard job and he couldn’t even reject it. What he could do was try to make him reason about the fact that he could spoil his plan. “B-but-,” he started but Grey cut him off.

“I’ve brought all I need to get. We will have a lot of time to practice because I must give Giovanni a show,” he said with determination, a smile on his face. He had the best plan and he couldn’t wait to show it to Giovanni. Gio would be the most shocked at the Billionaire club


Richard released a sigh and pulled over in front of the port. “Alright, I will do anything for you,” he agreed.

Grey smiled and the door opened. He got down and walked towards the airplane. Richard took the bag of clothes from the back of the car and followed Grey.

“Welcome sir, I got the information that Hercules would be driving. Are we supposed to wait for him?” The attendant questioned.

Richard gave her a dirty stare. “What sort of question is this?” he snarled.

Grey smiled softly. “No, he changed his mind. He’s not coming,” he replied.

The attendant nodded briefly and bowed slightly before she left.

Grey looked at Richard. “We will not discuss any business till we get to the estate,” he expressed and relaxed in his chair while the attendant returned with a bottle of wine.

The drive was faster. Grey and Richard got off the plane, and they entered another car that was supposed to take them to the main door of the estate because it was a spacious one.

Grey went to the driver’s seat. “Get out, I will drive,” he told the driver.

The driver looked up, confused. “But the boss said I could drive it.”

“Well, maybe when Hercules gets here but I will be driving now,” he said in a thick voice that was supposed to scare the driver.

The driver reluctantly got down and Grey entered.

“What’s happening, Boss?” Richard was more than shocked. Grey was exhibiting different characteristics.

“Do you know that the attendant is a spy?” Grey revealed.

Richard furrowed his brows in concentration. He found it hard to believe even though he believed whatever Hercules said, “What! How?”

Grey smiled. “The first time I went to my estate, I met an attendant and I spoke with Caramel about it. She told me I had three of them. And they were changed on occasion. The last time the plane took some of the children over, I saw another one. So, I went through the files for the faces of the attendants. I knew Giovanni might try every trick to get who Hercules really

is,” he paused slightly. “So, I noted the three faces and I must tell you that the attendant we just met wasn’t among them.”

Richard’s eyes went wide with shock. “What! But why didn’t you say it earlier so she could be captured and tortured.”

Grey smiled softly. “We will do that, very soon and she will be the one to implicate herself.” Richard nodded briefly. “What about the driver?”

my mom

“I suspect him as well but I don’t have any evidence. So, I’m going to find out. I’m going to find out who is mine and who is working for me. There’s no time to lazy around like did. She knew she had spies among her maids but she didn’t act on it. And if I wish to show myself very soon, then I need to start from within.”

Richard looked away for a moment as a thought entered his mind. Then, he looked over at Grey. “Why don’t you use me now?”

Grey glanced at him with a confused expression. “What do you mean?”

“We can get the maids now and well, every one of them if I pretend to be Hercules now.”

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Secretly The Billionaire Boss by Debbie chocolate

Secretly The Billionaire Boss by Debbie chocolate

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English

🏆King of Urban and No.1 ‘Leading Star’ of ‘The Legendary Urban Man’ Contest🏆 Grey, a delivery man who was treated like trash by everyone, betrayed by his girlfriend, fired by his boss. Just at the time he was desperate to death, an old man told him his real identity. Now, he's no longer the useless trash, he is called Hercules, king of the world!

Secretly The Billionaire Boss by Debbie chocolate Chapter 1: What life throws The blaring of music from the house was the only evidence that Grey needed to know that his girlfriend, Nora, was really celebrating her birthday. But she told him she wouldn't. And Grey didn't understand why she would lie to him. They've been dating for six months now. Grey opened the door, and Nora and several friends were dancing together. Grey was really unhappy, he called Nora’s name several times but she didn’t hear that because of the loud music. Rushing to her, Grey grabbed Nora’s hand, Nora held his hand too and turned her face to Grey with a sweet smile. But when she saw Grey’s angry face, her smile disappeared. “Why did you come here?” Nora asked calmly. Grey said,” I think you told me that you wouldn’t celebrate your birthday, so now what’re you doing? Why are you lying to me?” Nora responded mockingly, “I had a lot of friends. They have decided to celebrate for me. It wasn't a big deal, anyway you didn't even have money to do it for me!”. Grey was in silence, he had been saving up for four months to get her a nice birthday present. Working as a delivery man was the most stressful work ever and Grey had to go hungry sometimes especially when he was bent on satisfying his girlfriend. The music stopped, and Grey looked around the apartment. The apartment was the first thing Grey did with his salary while he got a room outside the league. But he almost didn’t recognize the room again. The wall paint was now cream in color. There was a huge home theater around and a large TV set. The chairs have also been altered which shocked Grey because he doesn’t remember getting new types of furniture. All Nora’s friends saw Grey coming in, but they didn’t care about him at all, they all knew that Grey was only a delivery man, and he even had no money for a birthday party for his girlfriend. "See the wretched boy! Who invited him here anyway?" A feminine voice hissed suddenly and Grey turned towards the speaker. “Is he your boyfriend, that delivery man?” The woman with heavy makeup looked at Grey, “I don’t think he deserves such a beautiful girl like you.” Nora was awkward, but in fact, she totally agreed with what the woman said. She was a Havard student now, and Grey was only a delivery man. Although he paid for all of her costs in university. And he met her recently after he had struggled with college as well. Grey had a lot to ask them. Like why won't she come to the party with her girlfriend? Nora was the celebrant and she was his girlfriend. Grey however decided to let the matter slip. He had always gone through insults like that in the past, especially the first time he entered Harvard to see his girlfriend. Though, Harvard was a place he was familiar with. But he had always gone through insult even when he was still a student in Harvard. He realised something quickly; how the riches trampled on the poor, what happened whenever you aren't rich or whenever your family goes bankrupt. It was something Grey decided to get used to since he woke up in the orphanage. "OMG! Seth is coming!" Tracy squealed happily and Grey turned around. Hearing Seth’s name, Nora rushed to the door. Grey was surprised, why was she so excited about Seth’s coming? Grey looked at the door, a handsome man came in, he was wearing a fancy Armani suit, with a smile on his face, every girl in the room was looking straight at him. Seth came into the room, seeing Nora and holding her hand naturally, Nora felt a bit nervous since Grey was still there, but she didn’t refuse Seth’s act. Wait a moment! Who the fuck was Seth to her? Well, Nora started working at KK corporation and it belonged to Seth. Nora did it to save money for school. And Grey wondered how the two got together to the extent that they could hold hands in such a manner. Grey walked closer anyway with the box in his hand. “Nora, happy birthday,” he greeted with a smile, ignoring the stares and the murmuring coming from the background. Nora went stiff for a moment before she and Seth turned to look at him. There was a disgusted look on Seth's face as he beheld Grey for a moment. “You told me you broke up with this guy already and I clearly said I don’t want to see him at this party,” Seth complained. He looked older. Grey thought he didn’t hear it well at first. He looked over at Nora, ignoring Seth's words. It could be a prank anyway.


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